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We offer two main performing opportunities to all of our dancers each year. You will not want to miss the Christmas Holiday Performance. Invite all your family and friends to our in-studio experience to kick off the holiday season with festive dances, fun holiday attire, a toy drive and yummy hot chocolate and goodies. Our Holiday Performance is a true family activity that is sure to become one of your new favorite traditions.


Our annual recital will be held in May each year at the local Community theatre. Dancers will perform routines from their dance classes and competitive teams will perform as well. Dancers will love the fun theme and celebration of the culmination of what they have learned during the year. Performing on stage offers dancers another way to increase their positive feelings of self and each dancer gets a little goodie or happy at the end of the show. Dancers will love the experience from start to finish of participating in our professional level family friendly recitals.

Stay tuned for more information and dates!

Sequel Dance Complex Recitals
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