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Noelle M.

Lyrical  //  Jazz  //  TikTok Hip-Hop

 Tap  //  Combo Class

Competition Team

Sequel Dance Complex - Noelle M.

Noelle grew up dancing in the Bay Area in California where she started training at the age of 7. She quickly fell in love with dance and the arts, and soon discovered this was going to be her lifelong passion. Noelle has trained with many sought after choreographers, such as, Shawnel Buitriago, Sonya Hardy, Bill Langley, Brian Brogosh, Bruce Campbell, Dennis Caspery, Sean Harrington, and many more. She is grateful for all her time spent in the classroom as a student soaking up the knowledge that everyone had to give. 


She then went on to be cast in the ensemble of “off broadway” musicals, her favorites include “anything goes” and “Singin’ in the rain”.  She loved performing and being on stage and experiencing that part of dance but she knew there was more she was being called to do and that was teaching children to love dance as much as she does.


Noelle taught at many different studios before she ended up at the one she knew she wanted to call home. She fell in love with the students and their hard work and discipline.   After many years of training her students and stepping up as the creative/competition director Noelle then became a co-owner of the highly competitive dance studio The Urge Dance Complex.  Noelle specializes in Lyrical, and putting together beautiful story telling pieces.  She also enjoys working on technique and pushing the kids to go beyond where they thought they were capable. Noelle has also had extensive training in tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop as well.


Noelle has trained dancers who have been accepted into major colleges and gone on to receive scholarships for their dance training. Including a recent student who was excepted into Champan University on a dance scholarship and was named dancer of the year in Orange County California.  She has also trained dancers who have worked with numerous television series such as, Dead to Me, That's so Raven, Lip sync Battle and many more.  Her students have also had the opportunity to dance with Mariah Carey in her yearly Christmas special.  


Noelle’s greatest accomplishment will always be her two beautiful children, who she hopes one day will love dance as much as she does.

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