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Collierville's New
Dance Studio

Welcome to Sequel Dance Complex!

We are excited to welcome you to dance with us! We are a family owned dance studio with 50+ years of combined dance knowledge. We believe in creating a fun, loving dance environment while offering current industry standards in dance. 

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Dance Styles


Why Sequel?

Choosing a dance studio can be overwhelming especially if you are new to the world of dance. At Sequel Dance Complex, we aim to make the process as simple as possible while offering an education of dance tailored for each student.


Throughout their years of dance education, Danielle, Noelle and Alia have learned to appreciate not only the opportunity to create and train some of our country's top dancers but also the value of relationships with each dancer.


We know not every dancer continues with a career of dance, but each student will benefit from the lessons that dance has to offer. Relationships built with our dancers and their families last a lifetime.

Sequel Dance Complex Team
Sequel Dance Complex Collierville TN

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Thank you for joining us!

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